Technical Data Sheets

At Casher's Aviation appreciate clarity and transparency. We've provided an extensive collection of our partner, Axalta Aviation's, data sheets, approvals, and manuals.

Axalta Coating System Approvals

Approvals create customer confidence when they know the products used to repair their vehicle meets or exceeds OEM criteria for collision repairs.

Products approved for MIL specifications:

MIL-C-5541 - Aluminum Coversion Coating

13206S Aluminum Conversion Coating (Alodine 1201)

MIL-PRF-23377 - Epoxy Corrosion Primer

13550S Epoxy Primer (>3,000 hours salt spray)

Products approved for Gulfstream:

GAMPS 3209 - Urethane Enamel, Preparation and Application of

Imron AF700 Topcoat Imron AF740 Clearcoat

Products approved for Cessna specifications:

CMFS037 - Coating: Polyurethane, High Solids

Imron AF3500 Topcoat