Video Tutorials

Casher's Aviation Finishes LLC produces high quality video tutorials. These video tutorials are created in house with our seasoned employees using the latest techniques and tools in the industry.


Application videos show the user the proper way to apply a variety of paints to many different types of surfaces.

Hello World

Gun Setup

Explain proper gun setup for fluid delivery and air pressure.

Assemble 2
Wow we're assembling things!
The muppets assemble

Color Mixing

Color Mixing is one of the most important aspects of our business. In these videos the user will see the way to mix high quality paint.

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Shop Setup

Shop Setup is an important part in any business, especially aviation paint. These videos will show you proper procedures and give you basic rules to follow when setting up your shop.

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After assembling the proper tools, it's time to watch how to correctly paint an aviation vehicle using a variety of techniques.

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Different types of tools that are used in the aviation paint business and how to tell which tool to use.

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